I guess that’s just part of being young. And inexperienced. You don’t realize you can survive—until you do.

February 2023

When giving someone my book as a surprise became entirely too dumb and the piece of advice I'll always remember.

January 2023

Creativity is like a child. It needs to be allowed to play or trust me, we'll rue the day.

December 2022

On disappointments and miracles.
But I figured out how do it less and it seems to be working. Plus, access to the entire walking series, and how I'm doing my best in mind/body/spirit.
A special note for whoever needs to hear it. Me, that person is me.

November 2022

Plus, free gifts for my paid subscribers inside. I'm almost out of my first book, so pls hurry.
Plus, my workout routine- did you miss it? AND I have signed copies of my books for you to give loved ones for the holidays!
If you want to join me on my health journey and make it your very own.
This is Anna's current fitness routine, with nutritional and supplement guide
Not "freaky" freaky. More like "whoa, freaky!" As in weird. MOVING ON. In this Sunyay's Digest get your latest walking companion and more!
Plus: Your latest walking/cleaning/sitting around doing nothing audio companion.