I miss writing.

I mean, I write books where I do so much writing I cry a lot, but I miss this kind of writing.

There’s social media, obviously, but they don’t really like words. Twitter and Instagram are actively hostile towards my writing and I take it personally.

But I hope through Substack we get to cut through Reels and spend time together. I hope it’s an easy place for you to spend time and read through the archives. But I also hope you leave comments and engage with me too. Getting to know you is one of my most favorite things.

You can expect my latest, funniest, true(ish) stories, some first drafts I’m tinkering with for a future book, words of encouragement and some good words as I walk in faith with God.

I speak.

Out loud. At actual events, people choose to attend. Sometimes as a keynote at a creative conference, at writing workshops, universities or women’s ministries. My talks range from secular to Christian and are entertaining and inspirational to a wide range of audiences. Interested in having me speak at yours? Go here.

I write books.

Two of them so far. I was listed on USA Today as one of the funniest women authors (Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling were on the list, so I brag about this often). We’ll Laugh About This (Someday) is my first baby and I’m Not Ready for This is available for pre-order now.

I also have real babies.

And a husband, believe it or not. His name is Rob and we have two little girls, Lucy and Poppy. I love Jesus and I don’t know how people can live without Him - I know I can’t. I love to bake and would do it as a profession if I didn’t love writing as much as I do. My family lives in Omaha, Nebraska and I hope to someday live on a homestead with horses, a cow and chickens. Maybe some goats. And llamas. But mostly for ambiance, so I can stand outside with a cup of coffee in my wellingtons, observing my precious animals while Rob feeds them at sunrise and shovels up the manure. And fixes the fences. Takes care of the dead chicken that was half eaten by a fox. etc. etc. A girl can dream.

Find me.

I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and at annalindthomas.com.

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