Who is Anna Lind Thomas?

I’m Anna Lind Thomas, a humor writer, book author and speaker based in Omaha, Nebraska.

Several of my essays have gone viral, most notably the fart story, and good grief, that thing never dies!

I am listed as USA Today’s top ten list of funniest women authors. My best selling books include We’ll Laugh About this Someday and I’m Not Ready for This. I’m writing my third now. It’s gonna be good.

I wrote a bi-weekly column for the Omaha World Herald, and have written for Today, Disney’s Babble, Propel Women and various other publications.

I’ve appeared on Live+Local with Dave Coulier and Emily Pendergast. I also appeared on a hilarious show on the Peacock network, but COVID pushed me to season two and it may not get picked up for season two and I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT ANYMORE AMERICA.

Every week I publish I’m Doing My Best! documenting the pursuit of my dream, a fit bod, and God. It could be going better, tbh. But in my pursuit, I’ve learned so much I want to share with you. I know that by sharing my story, I’ll embolden others to give that desire of their heart a shot too. I’m here to answer questions, encourage you, inspire you, pray for you - and most importantly - make you laugh out loud until your family or dogs get annoyed. If you’d like, no pressure.

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I guess I could have called my publication “Tryin’ to get my mind, body and spirit right, but it’s harder than I thought” - and now that I think of it, I probably should have because that’s pretty good. But the truth is, life is hard. Accomplishing a goal is hard. Good health is hard. Discipline is hard. Faith is hard. And I’m not perfect at any of it. But I do know, at 40 years old, focusing on my mental, physical and spiritual health has never been more important, or urgent.

As I share my life and what I’m learning, including my wins, flubs, embarrassments, and disappointments - maybe we can all relax, laugh and try our hardest to be good to ourselves, together.

So, every week I’ll publish a new essay documenting my life:

*The hilarious ups and downs of my career, motherhood and marriage.

*My pursuit of a hot, fit body at 40. I’ve been overweight most of my life, and I’m finally getting a grip on it. I’ll share everything I know, and answer as many questions as I can to help support you to do the same. We’ll have frequent challenges, where I’ll release podcasts as well as my personal Spotify playlists, for us all to listen to while we grunt and gently weep on treadmills.

*My pursuit of God. Without my faith, everything else is moot.

On Sundays, I’ll release a roundup where you can quickly find my funniest posts, important conversations, and helpful threads.

Once a month or so, I’ll also select an issue to do fun Subscriber-Only Giveaways. Expect to get some signed books and other things I love.

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Paid subscribers will also get free, exclusive access to my favorite chapters of my official audiobook, my eBook Good Word, and access to personal giveaways, just to name a few. BFF Offering subscribers will get a signed copy of one of my books of their choosing, delivered right to their door. And any of my books thereafter, as long as they are still a subscriber.

I want to thank you in advance for choosing to support my publication (and to make it awkward for those who choose not to). True, it’s like buying me a cup of coffee every month, what’s the big whoop? But it means the world to me and enables me to keep serving you and others. Thank you.

With that said, I don’t want money to be a barrier.

I will also give away scholarships for anyone who would like a paid subscription but can’t afford it. Just reach out to me - no questions asked.

And finally - I must insist you get my books. I mean, are you afraid of laughing? Just stop. You can get my hilarious, best selling books wherever books are sold. The audiobooks are read by me and I’ve been told - HILARIOUS. No shame in that audiobook game.

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Website: annalindthomas.com
Instagram: @anna.lind.thomas
Facebook: @anna.lind.thomas

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I speak. Out loud. At actual events, people choose to attend. Sometimes as a keynote at a creative conference, at writing workshops, universities or women’s ministries. My talks range from secular to Christian and are entertaining and inspirational to a wide range of audiences. Interested in having me speak at yours? Go here.

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A humor writer documents the pursuit of her dream, a fit bod and God. Things could going better, tbh.


Humor writer, podcaster, forgiving pants wearer. New book, I'm Not Ready for This is ready for preorder now.