Anna, I love this so much! I agree with you 100%. There's another quote by... Michael Che I think it was? In his latest standup special? Something to the effect of, you can either be a person who makes comedy and out of dark things (making the world feel less heavy), or you can make lighthearted things really dark. (I'm going to go check my reference on that because I'm floundering, but that was the idea.) The point is, we so desperately need more of the former!

(I also very much relate to being broke with a dutch oven obsession, lol!) Two books in a year. You are crazy and a total inspiration.


A girl currently housesitting for her best friend who has not one but TWO gorgeous Staubs in that exclusive La Mer color from Williams Sonoma, sigh

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Oh! If only so many young people will learn this. A sense of humor and God's help are what gets you through the tough times. And there WILL be tough times. Love this, Anna!

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Jul 3, 2022Liked by Anna Lind Thomas

I adore you, Anna! You write about things I can relate to…mostly because I’ve been in many of your marriage and parenting situations. If we can’t laugh at ourself then life’s just sad…we ain’t got time for that! 😉

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