Jun 23, 2022Liked by Anna Lind Thomas

With you 100%. Wish I lived in Des Moines. My body & I are not speaking currently. I've been on a "cut sugar in your diet"-three-week diet for about 6 months.

Loved the part about 1,000 cake slices. Me too. Also me: I can't leave the last 2 or 3 cookies in the bag, they'll only taunt me & I cannot let them win. (Well, not since I've been on my die-t, but real me is still in here!)

Enjoy your day #thingsmymothernevertoldme

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Thanks for sharing your story and for coming to DM anyway, even if you are bloated. I have been eagerly awaiting seeing you in person for some time, and especially since yesterday afternoon when I saw that you were coming to DM. I have something profound to tell you after seeing your Youtube video where you said that you were "turning your art into service". That video deserves way more views.

Anyhow, eagerly awaiting your visit to DM and thank you for being a professional and coming despite your body's protests.

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