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I'm Not Ready For This: Walking Companion for paid subscribers! Let's make exercise and menial household tasks fun again! With Anna by your side during exclusive "I'm Not Ready For This" walking companion podcast, Anna makes you laugh and inspires you while reading excerpts from her latest book, "I'm Not Ready For This," while sharing background, insights and never heard before commentary on her highly anticipated book.

Are you ready for this? Too bad! It's happening!Listen now (25 min) | Episode 1
Don't got time to biff it in public!Listen now (26 min) | Episode 2
Not ready for awkward goodbyesListen now (30 min) | Episode 3
Not ready for life and death of the teacher's pet.Listen now (26 min) | Episode 4
No one's ready to pee their ski pants.Listen now (31 min) | Episode 5
Oh. Is it the first day?Listen now (28 min) | Episode 6
I'm not ready to run in public.Listen now (30 min) | Episode 7
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